Attention Home Spy Camera Shoppers! Read These Buying Tips First!


The research and consulting firm of Frost & Sullivan estimated that by year-end 2007, the figures would have risen by $ 100 million! Indeed, nanotechnology provides for more-than-nano figures.

But before you go contributing your hard-earned money on these spying devices, be aware that there are good spy cameras and there are bad spy cameras. Threshold the chaff from the wheat can be confusing with the wide array available. But with these purchasing tips, you will be able to select the perfect home spy camera for you.

Determine your Spying Purpose

Your final choice of a home spy camera will depend on your reasons for installing it. The store can help you choose, which makes it a good idea to outline your needs based on the following criteria.

First, you have to determine the time of day the camera will be in operation. Nighttime cameras utilize different lenses than daytime cameras. Second, you have to decide where to mount the camera – outdoors or indoors. There are special considerations necessary to prolong the useful life of an outdoor spy camera.

Third, you need to set on recording requirements. If you want recording and playback capabilities, you have to choose from a host of choices ranging from desktop personal computers to Internet feeds to your laptop. Your home spy camera can record either through manual operation, or on a preprogrammed schedule, or through motion sensors.

Fourth, determine the range of movement and field of vision you want your home spy camera to have. You can choose from wide angle cameras, zoom lenses, or a combination of both. You can also choose a movable camera to follow movement or a stationary camera to focus on one area only.

Fifth, decide on image resolution and audio capabilities. You can choose from either black and white or color images. You can also choose between an audio capable home spy camera and a non-audio capable camera. These have distinct pros and cons, so choose wisely.

Reconcile Your Needs with Your Budget

Admittedly, you would want the higher-priced spy camera. More features mean more uses, and higher quality means higher benefits, ergo higher price. However, our wants and needs even in spying requires compromises in relation to our budget. Not unless you are Bill Gates himself, of course.

With the help of a more experienced person, try to reconcile your spying needs with your spying budget. First, look for basic features that answer your spying purposes as outlined above. Second, if your budget still allows it, then ask for more features or accessories to complete your initial choice.

Third, never forget to ask for assistance in installing the spy camera; Ask questions if you are unclear about installation procedures. You can have it tested in the store itself to determine working functionality. Inquire about after-sales services, if there are any, including warranties and guarantees. You do not want lemons as your surveillance system.

When you are satisfied with your choice, install the home spy camera as soon as possible. You can complement this high-tech security system with similar high-tech burglar alarm systems and low-tech alarms like a guard dog. Using these might just save your property and your life, as many satisfied users have known before you.


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