Digital Camera & eBay = Cash


I do not believe I've seen anyone speak of this method in a long time, nor have I seen anyone doing this recently, although in the past this has worked for many people. A lot of people got 'lucky' and made a lot of money from doing this, so if you have a digital camera and a eBay account, I'd suggest following this guide. You can use any camera, as long as you can transfer the photos to your PC.

To start off with, I'm going to explain exactly what you are going to be doing to make money from eBay, believe it or not, you'll be selling items on eBay, now you do not want to sell any of your stuff, OK (If you do, then I suggest you do, extra cash) – So why do not you sell other peoples things for them and take a small fee for doing it?

Although more and more people have the internet and do use eBay, they are still a lot of people who do not and will find your service very, very useful. The reason for this is, you'll do all the work for them, they're purely hand you the goods and in a set-time, you pay them for the goods, obviously you'll have to explain to your clients in more detail what exactly is going on

I'll get to advertising this service later on, once you have found someone interested, you'll have to collect the item (s) from them, they may drop them off to your home, or you may have to go and collect them, depends what is arranged with the client. You explain to the client, your going to put their item on eBay and sell it for them, you'll post it, you'll handle all the payments and after it's sold, you'll take a small-fee,% 5- 10 and then give them the rest cash in hand

The reason it's important you should give them cash in hand is, people do not like singing up to Paypal and other services like that and if they did, why on earth do not they just sell the item on eBay themselves? 5-10% does not sound like a lot, but if a item is sold for $ 100, you'll get $ 5-10 for 5 minutes of putting a item on eBay.

I've read about people learning a lot from this, someone sold a table on eBay, they were given 5%, the table was sold for $ 2000 or so, they received a nice $ 100 for 5-10 minutes work, it's easy cash, but there is a delay, I suggest that you put the item on for at least 7 days, having a eBay account before you start this is also good, having a high-feedback account is very useful in this.

On to advertising, the best way to advertise this service, is real-world advertising, for example adverts in shop-windows, Cragislist and what not. What you include in the letter / poster is very important, you should have a nice headline of something similar to "Need extra cash? Could do with a clear out?", Then go on to how you handle everything for them, sell the item for them, package and post it, then take a small fee out for the service, then give them cash in hand. You should leave a contact phone number, not just a e-mail address because as stated before, if they had internet access, they could do this themselves, you need to think about people who can not do this themselves, or maybe don ' t know how to.


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