Tips That Even Some eBay Sellers Do Not Know


In this post, I'm going to share some common mistakes some eBay sellers made (me included!). These are information that many successful eBay sellers hate to divulge to the mass. Using the tips below, it will give you a head start in the eBay business.

As many of you know eBay attracted million of visitors to its website daily, it is a good website to sell your stuffs. With many sellers selling the same products, it is essential for your listing to stand out from the rest if you are competitive head on with other sellers.


You have to give a clear title to tell people what you are selling. Try to add as many keywords as possible. If space permits, you might want to give the condition of the product eg. new, mint in mint box (MIMB), Used, etc. Otherwise without a proper title, no one will take a second look at your product.

Gallery Pictures

This is extremely important if you have many competitors selling the same product. Usually, a potential buyer starts his routine by searching his list from the eBay main page. After which, eBay will generate a whole list of items relating to its search keywords. If you as a seller has opted for a gallery picture, your product picture will be shown next to your item title. What usually first catches people's attention are pictures! This $ 0.30 will be very well spent if you want to treat eBay as a serious home business for you.

Item Description

Your item description should pose for free of spelling mistakes. This will only add credibility as a seller.

This part is the most cruel as most sellers fail to add this to the description. Always remember to include

– What you are selling. Describe as clearly as possible

– Describe the condition of your product. If there is any crack, ding, dang, dog ears, etc on your product, write it clearly. This will not shock your buyers when they receive their products.

Shipping and Handling

Always write clearly the shipping price for the countries you ship to. If you are lazy, just write worldwide shipping charges is US $ x. This saves the buyer from emailing you for a shipping quotation. For lazy buyers, they might even not email you and continue to browse the products of other sellers. Lastly, if you do not ship to any particular countries, write it down.

You might want to write a short description of how you are going to package the item. At least, the buyer will be assured that the product will be packaged nicely and reach him intact. If you have handling charges, do inform the buyer that it has already been included under the shipping charges.


It is a must to include at least one picture in your auction! Please take extra care to make sure your picture is well taken. The picture must be clear and not be blurred. If there is any damage to your item, take a picture of that portion and show it to your buyer. A picture speaks a thousand words. Having a good picture will secure the deal for you 90%.

When To List

This is the number unofficial secret of eBay which I'm going to share with you. Statistics has shown that Sunday is the day of the week when most purchases are being made. The slow day of the weeks are Friday and Saturday nights. January and August are reportedly the months with the slow sales. For Asian sellers in eBay USA, please list your item when the Americans are awake. Make sure your auction closes at the time when they are sleeping.

eBay stores

This is for sellers who have eBay stores. Items in eBay stores are usually not exposed to the mass. If you have slow sales in your eBay stores, try to put at least two live auction for your hottest products. Since these two auction listings will be exposed to the wider audience, you should insert a link to direct potential customers to your eBay store. A description like "Visit my eBay store for more products at low price".

I hope this guide will be useful for all aspiring eBay sellers who want to be in the eBay business for a long time.


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